Bradford Bishop


Brad is an entrepreneur with a portfolio of E-commerce/Brick & Mortar businesses afforded by early crypto investments. Prior to his fortunate investing, he worked as an instrumentation and electrical superintendent for the world's largest energy producers.

Marc purnell


Marc is an attorney that focuses on business law and acquisitions. He is an early investor of crypto that has led to the ownership of a diverse portfolio of business ventures. He owns various real estate properties, largely invested in logistics and transportation companies and numerous storefront franchises. He has also held General Counsel jobs at large conglomerates such as Pavati Phi, DLG Services, Integrated Pain Management and is currently an Executive Associate over safety and risk management for IMC Companies.

Brett Dyer


Brett is a real estate investor, as well as a farm and property manager who has been buying and selling small businesses as a trade since school. He has a Master’s in Business and has expanded his expertise into the crypto investment space.

Harrison Montijo


Harrison is an influencer that has used his skillset to ghost write everything from books and blogs, to articles and advertisements. His grasp of social structure and movement, plus his ability to connect with large groups of people on a personal level, is where he will benefit the team on turning Cuplr the app into the media front for Cuplr’s micro-economy.

Mike Kmetz

Website $ Merchandising

An entrepreneur since his teenage years, at 18, Mike worked in banking and finance and managed to start his first business. By the age of 23, he had two business degrees and was already working to get his second business off the ground. By 26 he took an online idea to a little over $1 million in gross sales, and hasn't stopped yet. Mike controls several small businesses both local Brick & Mortar and Online ventures. He brings branding, website experience, as well as an outside-of-the-box creativity to the team.

Adams Abdulrahman

Marketing Specialist

Adams is the Mayor of our Cuplr Community

Mahar Toufeeq

Blockchain Developer

Mahar is our in-house blockchain developer.

Vivek Ahuja

App Developer

Mohit Setia

App Developer