The Cuplr App is a new social media formed to introduce young adults to new people and places by utilizing our continuously growing matching algorithm.

Profiles can be created as "Singl" (Singles) or "Cupl" (Couples) and interests are selected.

The swipe feature allows you to swipe right for interested in meeting or left for not intersection. There is a "Cheers" button that you can send that will notify the potential match. This is a premium feature that will be limited on the free version. Potential matches will be visible within up to a 100 mile radius and adjusts as you travel. Matches are made when 2 profiles swipe right on each other.

The map feature includes People and Places, such as businesses. You can select "Cupld" or Uncupld" views. Cupld shows your matches on the map. Uncupld shows potential matches on the map. Visibility on the map can be adjusted by users in their settings. Businesses registered with Cuplr will be visible on the map. Businesses featured on Cuplr are typically great places to hang out, or some kind of activity.

The CPLR token comes into play as the utility token which will facilitate transactions within the app. Between users and businesses. The businesses on Cuplr will offer services payable in CPLR.