Thank you in advance for taking the time to see what Cuplr is all about.

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Cuplr is not just another app to take up space on your homescreen, but to create a new metaverse ecosystem designed to introduce people to new friends and places they will love. Anywhere. By joining the Cuplr Community as a Business Associate, your business will recieve an interactive location on our map and a profile capable of everything from sharing info to booking reservations and paying for products/services.

Our Intentions For Cuplr

A Global Ecosystem

We intend to be a burgeoning global ecosystem that — through our app and brick and mortar locations — provides our associates with clientele that will be eager to buy products and services from them. We will accomplish this by creating a community that delivers to our members valuable and enjoyable experiences according to their own likes.

Everything Handled “In-App”

CPLR Token was created out of utility. We believe cryptocurrency is our future so we have launched our own to facilitate “In-App” purchases.

Cuplr Community Business Associates

We want nothing more than to create a community where our members trust us to include businesses they will love. Cuplr users will be directed to businesses that fit their interests based on their own preferences selected by them. No matter where you visit, Cuplr users will be able to find the places they were looking for with ease (and algorithms).

Enter The CPLR Coin

This is why we created our own currency so that the site is uniform. Enter CPLR Token, a decentralized, Binance-based crypto currency. The intention of the CPLR Token is not only to facilitate 100% of the sites’ actions and assets, (in and out,) but also to be traded, bought, and sold. As a business associate with us, you will have the option to accept CPLR for products and services.

Rock out, together.

Cuplr together.

CPLR Business Associate Application