Download & Set Up Metamask Account
  1. Download Metamask from your app store and install.

  2. Once installed, open the app and setup your new account.

  3. Once you've downloaded and installed MetaMask, create your account, save your recovery information and you're going to want to add a new network.

  4. Click the menu icon with the 3 lines: (Depending on your device, it may be on the top right or left.)

  5. Scroll down to settings and then follow the steps in the video below:

Set Up A New Network & Add A New Custom Token
  1. Now that you have created the new network, it’s time to add the new custom token.

    To make it easier you can copy & paste the address:

    Token Address: 0x504ae030f0997dae6b74dc0192b0478fa2ade3d3

  2. Follow the instructions in the video below: